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Employment Advocacy

PEETO provides Ministry of Social Development funded Migrant & Refugee Employment Advocacy through its Employment and Further Training Advocacy Person.

The Employment Advocacy Person, one officer based at PEETO,  promotes the employment credentials of individuals from Refugee, Migrant and Pacific communities to prospective employers. The success of their efforts has resulted in an increased rate of employment within these communities and an increasing community of employers willing to tap into the largely unrealised potential of these labour markets.

PEETO is confident that the robust relationships that it enjoys with local businesses will continue to ensure that the needs and expectations that employers have of prospective employees will continue to be reflected in presenting clients forwarded by the Employment and Further Training Advocacy Person.

The pre-placement component provided by the Employment and Further Training Coordinators includes, but is not restricted to, interview coaching, curriculum vitae development and / or refinement and work skill preparation where necessary. The service provided by the Employment Advocacy Person is critical in that it seeks to address the disproportionate representation of Refugee and Migrant peoples in unemployment statistics.

Employment advocacy services provided by the Person incorporate a post-placement support component should further specialist intervention be required by either the employer and / or employee.

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