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General English

General English

PEETO, The Multi-Cultural Learning Centre is a Category 1 English language school.
People from all over the world  join New Zealanders in a happy family orientated atmosphere.
We are a private, registered and accredited, medium-sized College situated in Addington,
Christchurch and we are only a few minutes away from most city attractions.

• The courses at each level are thematically structured and based upon units of
work from a core text with an international focus.

• PEETO students are encouraged to be creative and to fully express themselves,
by emphasising meaningful communication and social interaction.

• The course focuses on all skills, including grammar, vocabulary and
pronunciation and uses a communicative approach.

Free social Club: Our social Club gets together regularly to take part in fun and interesting activities. Join in, have fun and make new friends. Every Friday afternoon we have fun activities, these are led by a teacher and range from sports to cultural experiences.

Pronunciation Club: Meet up with a phonetics teacher and your friends to perfect your pronunciation while socialising.

Conversation Club: Get together with other students and practice what you have studied while working on your conversation skills. Practice amongst your school friends and see your communication skills rapidly improve!

Beginner Can understand simple statements and requests within very familiar situations and can respond in short, learnt phrases or words.
Elementary Can understand and use very basic language on some personal topics.
Pre-Intermediate Can understand and use simple language on a range of personal topics and in relation to daily needs.
Intermediate Can understand and use language related to familiar topics such as education, work, travel and socialising- as well as discuss more abstract topics such as experiences, hopes and plans for the future.
Upper-Intermediate Can understand the main ideas of complex language on a range of concrete and abstract topics, and participate in conversations with native speakers without communication breaking down.
Advanced Can understand almost everything heard and read, and express ideas and information clearly, precisely and fluently on a full range of complex topics.

International students other courses

You will be given a placement test on or before the first day of the course and placed in a class with other students at the same level

Assessments are continuously carried out throughout the course. PEETO students are tested every 6 weeks and receive individual progress reports

Study options:

  • Full time (23 hours/week)

Class time: We have many options

During the week from Monday to Friday: (Morning classes – evening classes)

Special classes during the weekend.

Class times offered is dependent on students numbers and demand.

Intake date: Every week.

Course Price (NZ$)
We often run  special promotions, please contact us to know about our current offers.