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Enrolment Process

Enrolment Process

Enrolment Process - Domestic

The application process is very simple, enrol in only 4 steps.

  • Step 1 1
  • Step 2 2
  • Step 3 3
  • Step 4 4
1. Pre-inquire before getting the test
2. Visit the school to enrol with passport
3. Assessment – writing, speaking and listening (Assessment is continuous throughout the course. PEETO students are on line tested twice a year and receive individual progress reports)
4. Placement (You will be placed in class with other students at the same level)

Enrolment Process – International

The application process is very simple, enrol in only 5 steps.

  • Step 1 1
  • Step 2 2
  • Step 3 3
  • Step 4 4
  • Step 5 5
1.Enrolment (Download and complete our Enrolment Form. When we receive your enrolment application, we'll send you an Offer of Place and Invoice for your course fees.)
2.Payment (You can choose to pay your course fees invoice via online banking, one of the student payment services available. Find out more about our payment methods.)
3. Acceptance (When we’ve received your payment, we’ll send you a receipt and confirmation of your placement with PEETO.)
4. Immigration Process (When you are accepted, check out our Immigration & Visas section to find out what you need to organise before arriving in New Zealand.)
5. Keeping in touch (Three weeks before you arrive, send us your full flight details so we can make any final arrangements, such as organising a transfer service if you need one. If your plans change, let us know.)

Enrol now

Download and complete
our enrolment form
then send it back to
PEETO at info@peeto.ac.nz

2021 Enrolment Form. pdf


Thank you for choosing to study at PEETO.
We recommend you keep the information page for the programme you are interested in open in a new window, as you may wish to refer to it as you fill in the form. Our staff will help you through the whole of the enrolment process, from choosing your course at the very beginning, through to finding accommodation and settling in when you arrive in New Zealand.

Please send above documents to - PEETO ENGLISH LANGUAGE SCHOOL

20 Twigger Street, Addington CHRISTCHURCH 8024
Ph: +64 3 343 2890
E-mail: info@peeto.ac.nz
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