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General Service

Our experienced team can assist you

Our team will assist you with all the information about the requirements and documents that you need to be able to work in New Zealand.  Many PEETO students have successfully found jobs during or after their studies with a good English level. It is a great idea to find a job in NZ to help you support your studies, practice your English and meet new people!

1. Bank Accounts 

We can show you how easy it is to open a New Zealand bank account.

2. Free Internet

FREE Internet and WiFi are available at our school for your use!

3. First Language Support

Our friendly Student Services team speak a range of languages to help you with your life in NZ.

4. Public Transportation Pass / Student ID

Once you arrive at PEETO, we will issue you a Student ID card which can give you various discounts. We can help you find the cheapest way to buy your public transportation pass.

5. Employment and job search

Our team will give you all the support to make your job search easy!

To work in NZ, it’s very important that you have the correct visa. Please visit the Employment New Zealand website to get information about working in New Zealand and employment rights.


The current minimum wage is $21.20. Anyone currently being forced to work in New Zealand illegally for less than the minimum wage and/ or excessive hours is advised to call the Labour Inspectorate on 0800 20 90 20. You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously: 0800 555 111.

6. Fee Protection Policy

PEETO has established a Student Fees Protection Trust Fund held by the Public Trust. All fees paid by students are protected from any wrongdoing by or insolvency of the Institute. Talent International Institute agrees to comply with Section 253 of the Education Act 1989 and the Student Fee Protection Rules 2013 about
the protection of student fees:
1. All student fees of $500 or less (GST Inclusive) are required to be deposited in the
business account of PEETO.
2. All student fees more than $500 (GST Inclusive) are required to be deposited in the
Student Fees Trust Account of the Institute in advance. Fees are drawn down after
commencement in stages as the course is completed.
3. Funds held in this trust account can only be released after the student has been at the
Institute for:
3.1.  5 calendar days for all courses under 13 weeks and after the Trustee has given their permission for the funds to be released.
3.2.  Eight calendar days for domestic students on 13 weeks or more courses.
3.3.  Ten working days for international students on courses of 13 weeks or more, and after the Trustee has given their permission for the funds to be released.
4. The student will pay their fees into the Public Trust account and authorises the
Trustee to administer the Student Fee and any accumulated interest according to the
Trust’s provisions and terms and by the payment schedule produced by
the Institute. The student should also understand that
authorisation cannot be revoked after signing this document.
Please visit the Public Trust website for more information:
Public Trust
www.public trust.co.NZ
Phone: 0800 494 733
E-mail: feeprotect@publictrust.co.nz
Address: PO Box 31543 Lower Hutt

7.Circumstances in which PEETO may Terminate Enrolment

  • If a student is expelled according to the Disciplinary Process. Including situations as continued and/or unexplained absenteeism, inadequate progress, any breach of disciplinary regulations etc.
  • If a student is found having provided false or misleading information
  • If the Academy is unable to guarantee accommodation due to the student’s behaviour (under 18 students)
  • If a student has criminal behaviour inside or outside the Academy’s premises
  • If a student can not attend school to make up the missed programme time and needs to re-enrol if they wish to complete the programme for reasons such as illness or family obligations.

All decisions to terminate enrolment will be based on evidence, and the normal appeal procedure applies.   If your enrolment is terminated:

  • No refund will be given
  • Immigration New Zealand and parents (if you are under 18) of yours will be notified about your problem and status.
Life in New Zealand
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