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General Service

Our experienced team can assist you

Our team will assist you with all the information about the requirements and documents that you need to be able to work in New Zealand.  Many PEETO students have successfully found jobs during or after their studies with a good English level. It is a great idea to find a job in NZ to help you support your studies, practice your English and meet new people!

1. Bank Accounts 
We can show you how easy it is to open a New Zealand bank account.

2. Free Internet 
FREE Internet and WiFi are available at our school for your use!

3. Accommodation Advice 
We can arrange your accommodation with a NZ family and our student service team is happy to offer advice when you look for another kind of accommodation  to live in the city or arrange weekend trips.

4. First Language Support
Our friendly Student Services team speak a range of languages to help you with your life in NZ.

5. Public Transportation Pass / Student ID
Once you arrive at PEETO, we will issue you a Student ID card which can give you various discounts. We can help you to find the cheapest way to buy your public transportation pass.

6. Job Search
Our team will give you all the support to make your job search easy!

7. Pastoral Care
PEETO has a dedicated Pastoral Care Team offering personal support for students of PEETO.
You may also contact one of the International Marketers for assistance if you would prefer to use your own language.
In cases where it is established that more professional services are required, the Pastoral Care Team will refer you to specialist support services.

Life in New Zealand
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